Application Guidelines


Please, consider to visit the competition website at in order to get the most recent information and guidelines on the project.

Through this Open Call, we invite designers, artists, scientists, creatives, programmers, students, professionals, initiatives and agents from all other disciplines from any other fields of expertise from anywhere in the world to submit new ideas and concepts.

Applying is only possible via However, if you would like to send additional material via postal mail, please contact us at:

Please note that we cannot return any material sent to us via postal mail.

Please make sure that you hold the copyrights to all submitted material. We may use parts of your application in our documentation, even if you are not selected for participation in the project’s next stages.

A prerequisite is the willingness to publish your project under a free license ( e.g. Open Source or Open Definition).

Applications must be submitted in English.


What should the application contain?

In the application form you will be asked to provide the following information:

Basic information: Name, Address, and email.

Your project title.

Your project idea (max. 2,000 characters).

A PDF and Image File(max. 10 MB).

Video URL

Your agreement to the terms and conditions of participation.

*In general, the concept document requires that you: Clearly define your project idea and express what you want to achieve. Indicate what stage your project is in (concept, in progress, in production, etc.). Outline the content and format (app, web application, performance, installation, screening...). Outline the main technical aspects and assets of the project, as well as the production steps and main support needed. Describe how the project could benefit from participation in SAAI Factory. There are no restrictions or requirements regarding disciplines or genres, and no overarching theme.


How will proposals be selected?

The selection process begins with a careful review of all applications. The selection criteria will be artistic quality, innovation, and feasibility in the context of the hackathon.

After concluding the submission deadline, a board of mentors and partners will review the submitted projects. The board will also select which projects should be further developed. These projects will then be presented at partner institutions worldwide. Selected projects will receive a production budget.

For more information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Conditions of participation

SAAI Factory will consider submitted materials only on the condition that the selected applicant irrevocably agrees that:

- Their portrait(s), name(s), brief biography(s), and submitted concepts may be published on SAAI Factory's website and partner institutions' websites.

- They hold the sole copyright to and/or have secured the consent of any other copyright owner on any given text, excerpt, or portfolio image submitted, in accordance with all applicable national and international regulations. They guarantee that the rights of no third parties would be violated in the (re-)publication of any submitted text or portfolio material. The applicant unconditionally and irrevocably declares their copyright responsibility and liability toward third parties for any and all possible disputes over copyright violations and fully indemnify Skills e.V. against all third party claims arising thereof.

By submitting your application in any form, you grant SAAI Factory, as the legal entity, permission and license to use your name, text, artwork or design and representations of your text, artwork or design in any media associated with SAAI Factory anywhere in the world without compensation or attribution for artistic, promotional and documentary purposes.

Physical attendance at the SAAI Factory events is not mandatory, but it is appreciated in accordance with the pandemic restrictions.

Each applicant* may submit only one project.

*Collectives, groups, and any other practices consisting of more than one person may apply with one proposal.

The selection decision of the jury is final. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded.


Artist fee / production budget

Six projects will be rewarded with a fee of $2.000 and the opportunity to create a further developed version of their work for an exhibition at some partner insitutions. All involved creators, project ideas and prototypes will be presented during the exhibition as well.

Note: As of now, no budget will be provided for participating, exploring and developing prototypes during the hackathon. In this phase, the main objective is to get together, share ideas and skills, and work in a collaborative approach on a challenging piece of art.



SAAI Factory respects everyone's right to privacy. We do not sell or distribute personal information for commercial purposes. Your application information will be kept confidential. Only the SAAI Factory team and a few contracted employees of partner institutions have access to your application. If you are selected to participate, your profile data and submitted materials will be used as indicated above.

Conditions for use of submitted data and materials: these may be stored in particular in a database at SAAI Factory and displayed on the website or in related areas for the purpose of improved communication between participants, experts and visitors.


Governing Law

This agreement is exclusively governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement, the exclusive legal venue shall be solely the courts of Hamburg, Germany.


Frequently asked questions

Who may apply? – Anyone can apply. Creative minds from around the world working in a variety of disciplines are invited to submit proposals. The resulting prototypes will ultimately become tools that open new avenues and approaches to manufacturing and working with artificial intelligence.

How can I benefit? What can I expect? – A key benefit is the opportunity to achieve an initial realization of the project you are working on and present it to the public at various places and events. The featured and selected projects or clusters will receive significant support for the development and production of the planned prototype through implementation in the hackathon. They will also benefit from extended support from the expertise and knowledge network of the mentoring and partner institutions, as well as opportunities for collaboration.

Are travel and/or production costs covered? – For taking part in the first phase, SAAI Factory can not offer any recompensation for traveling to the local hubs in the participating cities and regions.

Is the list of presentations and venues already fixed? – No. Depending on the output of the hackathon we will meet with our partners to discuss possible showcases and presentations. It is planned to have showcases between autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

Can I submit different projects? - No. Please apply with the project that is most relevant to you.

We are a group. Can we apply as a team? - Yes. Collectives may apply.

Is there an age restriction? - No.

What are the criteria to be invited? Who decides? - A board of mentors and partners will carefully review all applications. Following the public presentation and after review by the jury and a panel of invited experts, recommendations will be developed, which projects should enter the final phase of the project, where they will have the opportunity to develop into tangible prototypes and participate in subsequent presentations at each partner institution.

I have already done a project that I am proud of. Can I apply with that project? - If you have finished that project to your own satisfaction: No. SAAI Factory is about the process of developing a new project, with all its unpredictability. If we don't see the potential for joint development, your proposal doesn't fit into the SAAI Factory concept. However, you can use the project in your application to show the range of your work.

Do you have any further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us: