Super Artistic AI
SAAI Factory
8.–14. Nov.
Woods Art Institute

SAAI Factory is an attempt to transfer the vision of a decentralized AI Art community into a production format and collaborative platform. SAAI initiated an international hackathon dedicated to artistic production and artificial intelligence. From June to September 2021, SAAI Factory invited hackers, artists, coders, designers, tech evangelists, creatives, and developers from all disciplines to explore artificial intelligence as a means and field of artistic practice. Given the ambition, creativity and innovation that was delivered during the SAAI Factory Hackathon, the judges have decided on a (longer) shortlist than expected. Many teams have impressed with new ideas surrounding the intersection of AI and Art as well as AI-creativity. Projects and prototypes from the hackathon will be shown in subsequent showcases and exhibitions around the world, starting with the award ceremony and showcase at the Woods Art Institute in November 2021.

SAAI Factory

Ideas, Sketches and conceptual draft

sketch 1

Interaction & Interoperability

sketch 2

4 Domains & 1 Cloud

SAAI Factory

Physical and Virtual Manifestations


Intl. Summer Festival Hamburg


cryptovoxels 2 Mod Pass


Intl. Symposium


Alfaisal University Riyadh


Project Pitches (Aug. 2021)

youtube channel

SAAI Factory Video Collection

Woods Art Institute

November 2021